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Here at Rimy we have an extensive catalogue featuring all types of air conditioning units and cold rooms for the home, office or commercial kitchen available for purchase. We have been in the Cooling Industry for 16 years meaning we are experts in fulfilling our customers exact wants and needs. Our range of products includes split air conditioning systems, chiller cold rooms, freezer cold rooms and much more. We're always keeping our eye on the market which enables us to offer the lowest prices and provide quality branded air conditioning products that are manufactured by world-leading companies.

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Daikin Comfora Series FTXP35N + RXP35N 3.5 kw Wall Mounted Heat Pump Complete System for Home or Office
Wall Mounted
Optima Chiller Coldroom with Flooring 1600mm x 800mm x 2030mm high + Rivacold FTM006G001 Single Phase Wall Mounted Refrigeration Monoblock Unit Capable of achieving 0 degrees, Left Hand Hinged Door

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